Totally Condemned Cold-Hearted Racist Woman And Discriminator

By | October 19, 2015
Totally Condemned Cold-Hearted Racist Woman And Discriminator
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Teresa Stone is truly indeed a person who well deserves to be blacklisted as a cold-hearted racist woman. Her racism, prejudice, and discrimination is targeted towards males who happen to be nonwhite or not Caucasian mainly those males who happen to be African American or Black males.

Her racism and prejudice has clearly been seen two ways:

1. In regards to an issue that was of a very serious nature she blamed a Black man for it when the Truth was that this clearly was not the case and indeed it was a complete Lie.

2. In regards to selecting someone for serious relationship purposes her selections have only been based upon race-related selections which means that she has selected someone only based upon the fact that they be of the same race mainly the white or Caucasian race that she is from. She has done this out of racial bigotry and racial discrimination and racial hatred against African-American males whom she has seen as inferior or beneath her very own race. However, her very actions have caused her to end up in very serious trouble with these Caucasian males (which perhaps could have been avoided had she been more open minded towards being with males who were non-white or non-Caucasian such as African-American males in particular).

Teresa Stone however is fully deserving of condemnation, fully deserving of denouncement, and fully deserving of blacklisting because of the evil, atrocious, discriminatory, and racist ways that she has demonstrated towards others because their race is simply different from her own.

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