Tata Housing – misrepresentation and misinformation

By | March 25, 2014
Tata Housing – misrepresentation and misinformation
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I am an NRI and had visited Tata Housing office in Fort when i read the 3 day discount offer in various project in India. I met Vishal Arora and made it very clear that if my wife does not approve of this project i will back out on 5 March. He told me clearly that if i do not wish to buy even though my name is shortlisted i can refuse the offer. He also confirmed that on refusal full amount of Rs 20, 000 will be refunded to me. Based on the information provided i readily agreed to pay Rs 20, 000 thru my credit card. When the receipt was printed and when i read the conditions it was totally different than what was told to me. It seems Rs 2, 000 will be deducted irrespective whether my name is shortlisted or not. I tend to lose the whole amount of Rs 20, 000 if i decline the offer. On reading this information i approached Rajeev Ambekar and told him the facts. On hearing this he said he will arrange to refund the full amount of Rs 20, 000 to me. Inspite of my repeated efforts on phone and email since last 3 days there is no responese from Rajeev and Vishal. I have lose the faith in the organisation whose business ethics are considered to be the best in the Country. The people are untrained and have no ethics, morale and courtesy to even reply to my mails or call me. I have no recourse but to file a complaint in consumer court and take legal advice on this matter. I am willing to settle this matter amicably if the full refund of Rs 20, 000 is made immediately. I have my flight to Toronto on 7 March and wish to close this matter before i depart. I hope somebody will look into this matter and resolve the same at the earliest. My booking reference is NHBD1000209 and my email id is batulzp@hotmail.com and local contact no is 9833529492. Hope to hear soon

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