Sleek Kitchen — Poor workmanship & delay in service

By | October 19, 2015
Sleek Kitchen — Poor workmanship & delay in service
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I want to bring to people’s attention the horrible and disappointing experience I had with Sleek Kitchen. Whatever promises the sales team made, the customer service and installation service technicians neither have the capability or the desire to uphold. My harrowing experience began when I purchased a Sleek Kitchen from HomeStop near Garuda Mall, Bangalore. The design, site-measurements, delivery & installation was handled by one Ms. Ashwini who was in-charge of the store at HomeStop then. I placed my order for the kitchen in Dec2014 & the installation happened in April 2015. I am appalled at the number of complaints against her & Sleek, that I am reading only now, when I decided to document my experience with Sleek online. As per policy, they take full payment before delivery. What came next was the mix up in site measurements, delay in delivery and general lack of accountability from Sleek Kitchen. They gave me the cold shoulder once they got my money and stopped answering calls let alone provide an update on delivery. I had to make adjustments in my kitchen due to their measurement inaccuracies, but i still went ahead with the installation as I already paid for the kitchen in full & had no option to backout. They promised 3 free services to be performed in the first12 months since installation. When the time for the first service came, no one came. I was in touch with one Mr. Anand, who, like Ms. Ashwini, shamelessly made promises he didn’t keep. Every time I managed to get a hold of him, he would assure me that a technician would come within the week to complete the service. When the technician finally came, they didn’t bring the right parts. When they realized what the issue was and that they would have to come back with undamaged replaced parts, they started to put the shelves and doors back together. When they were done, they left my cabinets in worse condition than before they arrived. Handles have come lose, skirtings have come lose, shelves alignment is not proper due to which there are gaps in the cabinets. In their sales pitch, they mentioned the high quality and the perfect alignment of cabinets as justification for the higher price. They stated carpenter made cabinets are not done to mm measurements and will have gaps into which insects will have free access. After numerous follow-ups from my end, they sent an apparently incompetent technician along with a supervisor Mr. Sreenivas in the last week of Sept 2015.They left the job half done as well, promising to be back in a week, but I have not heard from them since. I contacted Sleek through their website and only got an automated reply saying they will get back. From June2015 to Oct 2015, the first service is still pending and none of the issues noted above have been fixed. My mail to Ms.Ashwini (since she conveniently stopped answering calls once the kitchen was delivered) was replied to saying a person would visit on Oct 12th. More than a week later, I am still waiting for this person to show up. What i want is for them to send a competent person & fix the broken skirtings, all gaps & alignment issues. I am still entitled to 3 free service in the first year & due to delay from their end, the first service is not completed when already time for the 2nd free service is nearing. I want an extension of free service warranty for another 4 months & ask that they provide compensation for the harrowing experience & loss of money & time I have had to deal with, due to their incapability to design & service the kitchen with full competency as expected for the huge payment they charge. Thank you, Chithra.R/Customer name:Geetha Ravindranath

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