SkyBox Poor Service, Exorbitant Freight & Custom Charges

By | October 6, 2015
SkyBox Poor Service, Exorbitant Freight & Custom Charges
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For the period of 1 month I consolidated packages in my account with Skybox. Problems started almost immediately with a package being sent without my request. After a painstaking process of more than a week’s communication, they finally admitted it was “a mistake”. Their customer service reps do not have English as a first language and clearly only understand few of the words you say/write, so I have had to repeat myself numerous times. Then came the real trouble when their staff could not find items that were tracked as being delivered and due to be consolidated. Communicating with their staff is an enormously frustrating process. I finally passed on the message that they should hold all my packages until they locate the missing items. Not only did they fail to do so, but charged me an outrageous US $372 for customs charges which works out to be over $3000 in Trinidadian dollars. Their service reps were indignant and rude. They could not understand why I would be angry about paying so much money just to import a small box with a few dresses, 1 CD & a couple of other small inexpensive items. All they agreed to do was request a breakdown from customs to see whether I should get a refund. They refuse to reverse the charges on my credit card. The reps tell me they will charge US $100 PER PACKAGE to have someone collect my items directly from my box in Florida. I wonder if their employees are scamming customers. Regardless, Skybox is a crook company

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