Monica Olsen A Racist Model

By | October 5, 2015
Monica Olsen A Racist Model
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Monica Olsen who happens to be a model who originated from Montreal, Canada and who also goes by the name of Monica Andreny is a racist model which means that she is a bigot, and a skin color discriminator. Her racism and her prejudice have been targeted or focused upon African-American males in particular.

This can be seen in terms of her being against these males for serious relationship purposes because she believes that they are beneath her and inferior to her because of their color of skin which happens to be darker in complexion compared to the one that she has.

Due to her relationship selection choices which are based upon skin color in terms of choosing males who are of the same skin type that she has (namely Caucasian males) it is to be noted that she has gotten into a lot of trouble with these type of men. This could have all been prevented had she not been racially biased against males who possess a darker skin type or skin tone such as African-American males in particular.

However, this disqualification of these males because of their skin color is all based upon sickening racism and evil prejudice which Monica Olsen must be exposed as well as totally condemned for because of the racist bigot that she indeed is.

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