Racing car company- CHEATING, not providing company

By | February 17, 2015
Racing car company- CHEATING, not providing company
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had subscribed to the RACE car helpline on 24/8/08. The Racing car company had sent their Franchise sales agent from Waris Associates to my residence. The amount was paid to the person and the Sales agent gave a receipt to that and also told me and wrote on the receipt that on payment of Rs.365 I wshall be getting service from 24/8/08 to 23/11/08.

I was travelling from Dwarka to Residence in Delhi on 9 Oct 08 with family at 4 am when my car had a puncture. When I called up RACE the call centre for Help the man told me that my RACE membership had lapsed on May 08 itself. I pleaded to him that my membership to RACE was valid. He advised me that if I pay Rs.400 for a new membership then I ll get the service. The amount was too much for a puncture.

Finally a passer by was requested to change the tyre to whom I had to pay Rs.150. Today when I was checking the record I found the receipt on which was clearly written that my membership was valid upto 23/11/08. Which means despite having paid I was not given the service.

Today I had a talk with the Manager Sharmila and the Resident Manager Gaurav Choudhary on 011-43525311 who insisted that indeed my membership had lapsed. However when I asked him that I had the payment Receipt in written on the payment receipt that the validity was upto 23/11/08, he replied that he is not responsible for the mistakes or cheating done by his staff or his agents.

I m sure you would agree that this grossly violates the rights of me as a customer.

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