Probeseven – Worst company

By | March 2, 2014
Probeseven – Worst company
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Probeseven company is on field for more than 6years and said that none feedback bad about them, the truth is they don’t know how to explore their feeling..this is the truth. No company will say that their company has done this that lik wish you probeseven also do the same things and save your company name…we guys know wats happening there and wats happened there.Once they are not interested to work should not put a load or burden on them to work.. as their period over or not you should not push them and spoil their career… You probeseven always concentrating on your company growth alone not employers and even there is no growth tooooooooooooo.. We guys revealing this as you should not do this in future and spoil other employee careers.. there is a world apart from work… Free them from your slavery…

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