Blaire White: Youtuber Harassment, Discrimination, and Racism

Company / Product Name: Blaire WhiteCountry: United States of AmericaDescription: Blaire White, who is a Youtuber is to be condemned and fully denounced and blacklisted for being a racist and a bigot especially against individuals who are nonwhite or non-Caucasian in complexion. Blaire White’s racism is all based upon racial hatred, racial angst, racial venom,… Read More »

Nastasia: The Ukrainian Scammer

Company / Product Name: Nastasia: Ukrainian ScammerCountry: United States of AmericaDescription: Here is a scam letter I received from a Ukrainian scammer who goes by the name of Nastasia who used stolen pictures as well when they sent me their E-mail. I did a search on Google images and one of the pictures appears to… Read More »

Salma Lov: Scam Letter and Scamming Crook

Company / Product Name: Salma LovCountry: United States of AmericaDescription: I received this scam letter from a scammer calling themselves “Salma Lov” asking me for my personal details: My dearest Peace be with you , thank you so much for your response , I have the belief as i promise you right now saying Bismillah… Read More »

Paris Kennedy: Blacklisted Racist Adult Actress and Bigot

Company / Product Name: Paris KennedyCountry: United States of AmericaDescription: Paris Kennedy who is an adult star or adult female actress or adult female performer and whose other name is Daniela Rossler (from Los Angeles, California, USA) is to be hereby known as a permanently blacklisted adult actress or adult female performer due to the… Read More »

Hannah Harper: Wicked Racist Adult Actress

Company / Product Name: Hannah HarperCountry: United Kingdom of GBDescription: Hannah Harper who is an adult actress or female adult entertainer and who comes from England is a wicked racist who has been against African-American males in particular. Hannah Harper also goes by the name Hanna Harper, Hannah Hunter, and Hanna Oxx. Her original name… Read More »