transiting Jakarta from AF to GA using DL miles

By | November 27, 2015
Flying from Singapore to Sydney, Australia I decided to use my Delta skymiles to try the new AF business class connecting in Jakarta to Sydney on Garuda Indonesia. Such is life I got the old 777 with the outdated business class seats but didn’t matter for 1.5hr flight. I’ve heard that transiting in Jakarta can be tricky and something about paying for transit was mentioned on the air france flight.
To my shock I was greeted plane side by a Garuda staff member who escorted me through to the Garuda lounge. We stopped for a moment at an immigration desk before I was escorted via a velvet rope up an escalator to the departure level. (No security check)
She took my passport and AF boarding pass ( both flights on it) and returned 10mins later with a new Garuda Indonesia boarding pass and of course my passport. The smoothest airport transit I’ve had in a long time. 😀
Not much can be said for the Garuda Lounge though! Ha
But transiting through Jakarta is not bad at all!

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