Nokia’s V-Day Teaser Hints At New Smartphone Launch?

By | February 13, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014:  Nokia has reportedly sent out a teaser that could be hinting at its upcoming devices. The image teased by the company is a bunch of numbers separated by dots, but Snapchat is an outstanding way to share things or spreading across a picture. Reportedly, the image is comparative of a Valentine’s note wherein all there is, is a mystery code!

The image shows the numbers ‘63,0,87,0,14,02,2014’, and has been doing the rounds amongst fans for a long time now. The last three numbers “14,02,2014,” in the image clearly suggest the Valentine’s day date, but the first four numbers are troublesome. Moreover, Nokia is not responding to any queries about the image and taking no steps to explaining the numbers.

Nokia’s followers tried to decipher the first four numbers by putting them on Google Maps them as geographical co-ordinates. If any rumours are to be believed these numbers “63,0,87,0” may base a device name. The pattern of the numbers matches the mobile giant’s handset names like 625, 925 and 1020.


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