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Infolinks Review : A Better Adsense Alternative to Boost your Blog Income

As we all know most of the Bloggers rely on Google Adsense for display advertising. Adsense comes with simple integration. No minimum traffic requirement and the high RPM’s Publishers get make them to rely on Adsense as primary advertising network most of the time to monetize their blog traffic. Infolinks, is an In-Text Advertising network primarily but now they have evolved in various ad formats.

What is Infolinks?

You can use it along with Adsense or as an Adsense Alternative. The CPM rates offered by Infolinks are great and if you are receiving traffic from Tier 1 Countries then you can expect an RPM close to Google Adsense. The best thing about Infolinks is it doesn’t impact your existing Adsense or other display banner ads that you are already using on your blog/website.

infolinks earn money with in text advertising

Different Types of Advertising Products available to Monetize using Infolinks:

differnt advertising options

Primarily Infolinks offers In Text Ads but as the time passed they came up with many innovative ad solutions which other networks doesn’t have or less likely to offer like;

Infold Ads:

infold ads from infolinks

This is a pop up that comes to visitors that are visiting your site for the first time. Its has a great CPM, so don’t forget to enable it.

In-Text Ads from Infolinks:

in text ads from infolinks

These appear at the bottom of the article. These looks just like the tags on your site and has a great CTR.

In-Frame and In Screen Ads:


inframe ads by infoilnks


in screen ads by infolinks

These are two more products available on your dashboard with a great CPM rates. They do have a frequency cap and doesn’t not effect your repeated visitors.

Infolinks Revenue Report:

I have been a regular publisher working with Infolinks and they have worked great for me. The below is the performance report of a Infolinks account. Their CPM rates are great and much better than the existing advertising networks out there.

infolinks revenue report

Few Tips to Boost your Income via Infolinks:

  • Use multiple Text Link Units.
  • Turn on Maximum possible Ad Formats.
  • Do participate in their referral program to boost your income via Infolinks.

Mode of Payment:

You get paid monthly basis via Paypal or Wire Transfer. The payment threshold is just $50.

Do let me know if you are having any doubts regarding Infolinks Network in the comments below, I can help you out with the same.

Infolinks is a good network to monetize your blog without effecting revenue from display ad inventory Click Here to get started with Infolinks.

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How to Create Photorealistic Screenshots of your Mobile Phone

Capturing screenshots on a mobile phone is easy. If you have an iPhone, press the Home & Sleep buttons and the screenshot image will be saved in the Photos app. Android users can press the Volume Down & Power button simultaneously to capture the screen. And in the case of Windows Phone, press and hold the Start and Power buttons at the same time to take a screenshot.

That’s a raw screenshot saved in your camera roll but if you would like to use that image in your website, a presentation or even in your Apps Store listing, consider adding device frames. This is important because people should be able to figure out whether a screenshot was captured on an iPhone or a Microsoft Lumia or a Google Nexus phone. The device frames can be actual photographs so your screenshot images appear gorgeous and more realistic.

Mobile Screenshots in Photoshop

Realistic Device Mockups for Beautiful App Screenshots

A layered photo editing tool like Adobe Photoshop (Win/Mac) or Pixelmator (Mac) makes it really easy for you to add hardware device frames to any screenshot image. Go to Dribbble and search for “freebies PSD <mobile name>” and you’ll find beautiful mockups for any mobile device. The Facebook design team too provides Handskit – photos of hands holding devices that you can use without restrictions.

Download and import the PSD file into Photoshop and then use the File -> Place command to place the screenshot image as a new layer over the device mockup. Then use the Save for Web option to export the image in JPEG format.

[*] Dribbble users usually add the tag “freebies” or “free” to indicate that others can reuse their design(s) for personal and commercial use. Other than Dribbble, Deviant Art and Behance are also good places to discover high-quality hardware mockups for all popular mobile devices.

Photorealistic Mobile screenshots

If you don’t have Photoshop, you can use web apps like Magic Mockups, Dunnnk and Frame to add photorealistic device frames to your mobile screenshots.

These tools offers a collection of professional-quality photographs of mobile phones, tablets and computers placed in realistic settings. You need to drag your app’s screenshot image on to a photograph and it will automatically get placed in the screen area of the mobile device perfectly aligned with the hardware frame pixel by pixel.

Google’s own Device Art Generator lets you quickly add vector device frames around screenshots of Android phones and tablets. Device Art Generator includes templates for Android Wear and all Google Nexus devices. Drag the mobile screenshot image on to a device frame and it will quickly wrap that frame around your image. You also have the option to add screen glare and depth (for perspective) to the generated screenshots.

MockuPhone is another useful web app for adding device frames to your mobile screenshots with a unique feature. You pick a device frame, upload the mobile screenshot image and the tool will generate multiple screenshot images of the same device but at different angles.

The tool produces very high-resolution screenshots and they offer device frames for the iPhone, iPad & iPad Mini, Windows Phone, TV screenshots and Android.

PlaceIt and Mockerie are other good services for adding device mockups to your screenshots but they requires a subscription.

Mobile Device Frames

Scenery is a free Mac App that will helps you convert your app screenshots into professional looking and real-life photographs. Launch the app, drag the screenshot and you can instantly preview it inside gorgeous device photos. The starter pack includes a couple of free images of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone.

You can also add realistic device frames to your mobile screenshots via email. Just send the raw screenshot image as an email attachment to and, within in a minute or two, they will send you the processed screenshot with the device frame. You can also attach multiple screenshots in the same email message.

The service will automatically detects the mobile device name and the image orientation (portrait or landscape) using the EXIF data in the image and adds the appropriate hardware frame. It supports iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Nexus and a bunch of mobile device – send an email with the subject “help” to the same address for a complete list.

Finally, if you know a bit of HTML and CSS, you’ll love devices.css. They have created realistic mockups of iPhone, Android, Lumia, iPads and Macbooks using pure CSS and you can add image screenshots and text captions inside the mockups by editing the HTML. The big advantage here is that your text can be read by search engines too.

The story, How to Create Photorealistic Screenshots of your Mobile Phone, was originally published at Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal on 08/10/2015 under Mobile, Screen Capture, Internet.

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Buying luxury goods – Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, or HK?

When it comes to luxury goods prices, where is the lowest of these places? Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, or Hong Kong? Assuming prices are measured in USD.

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How to find out fare class pre-booking online

Hi, I am needing to book a seat on AA, PHX-EWR. I want to try and max the number of BA TPs and need to know if there is a way to find out the fare class before I buy the ticket using AA’s website?

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Oscillo 4 nights Paris, daily, 12/31dl, US void PR


Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a travel package for two (2) winner and one (1) guest to Paris, France. The travel package consists of the following: (i) round trip, coach-class airfare for Grand Prize Winner and one (1) guest between a major U.S. airport located within the 48 contiguous United States nearest Grand Prize Winner’s residence and Paris, France (airports determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion); (ii) five (5) days, four (4) nights deluxe hotel accommodations (one double occupancy room, room rate and tax only); (iii) round trip airport transfers in Paris; and (iv) all taxes related to accommodations and airfare. The trip must be completed by December 31, 2016, or Grand Prize Winner forfeits the Grand Prize in its entirety. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of the Grand Prize travel package: $5,760.


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I take back all the nice things i've said about JFK T4

I never understood all the hate that JFK T4 gets on here. Sure, it’s a large terminal with a lot of walking – but i’ve always found it to be modern and spacious, have enjoyed the nice dining and shopping options, and have only flown from there to an exciting destination (this year to SJU, PHX, SFO, GRU and NRT). To me it was what a modern international terminal should look like.

Until yesterday……flew JFK->ORD. Usually take the LGA->ORD shuttle but the price difference was too much so i opted for a JFK flight. Gate B52. Okay. Go through security and start walking. Hello Shake Shack, hello fun pizza place with the yummy breakfast stromboli, hello skyclub, what a lovely day to be flying out of JFK. Oooooh, flights to Amsterdam, flights to Tel Aviv, flights to Moscow, how exotic. A few minutes later I went down an escalator to discover the awfulness that is their ‘regional’ section of T4. Such a terrible space. Cramped, dirty, crowded, lots of regional flight to Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and my CR9 to Chicago.

I recognize someone flying to Chicago may not arrive as early to JFK or have the same pre-flight needs as someone flying TATL but this makes LGA look awesome.

The flight was fine and took off ~10 minutes late, I have no issue with Delta inflight, but ugh, i’m never flying out of JFK again on a regional flight.

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The Yacon Diet Improved My Lifestyle

Each person has a different strategy to lose weight. Some might take diet pills, others might use injections, while others might eat smaller meals, and some will focus on exercise or bodybuilding. And yet, with all these techniques out there, they always still seem to be disappointed with the end results. Today we’re going to introduce you to a better product: natural Yacon syrup, a product that’s changed my lifestyle.

Yacon is a naturally sweet root vegetable that grows in the Andes mountains. It looks like a sweet potato, but is more similar to jicama in taste. You can eat it raw in salads or cook with it, but it can be hard to find in its raw form. The more accessible form of yacon is yacon syrup, an internationally recognized natural sweetener. The syrup made from yacon has a unique flavor that reminded me of a cross between molasses, honey and raisins. Because its sugars aren’t metabolized by the human body, yacon syrup has very few calories. It acts as a natural diuretic that speeds up your metabolism and helps you process foods quicker. Also, its chemical makeup causes you to feel full quicker, so that you end up eating less every meal.

After starting to take yacon before meals, an amazing thing happened. The fat content of foods that used to settle on my hips and thighs started passing straight through my body. In the five weeks or so since I first tried this product, I’ve developed a hot, sexy body. The Yacon diet is solely based on an all natural product. It provides many health benefits, not the least of which is supercharging your metabolism. I lost ten pounds in the first thirty days following the daily dosage as directed. Yacon helped me look and feel more attractive than I had ever been. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could achieve this in such a short period of time.

I will continue to use yacon to maintain my new body shape. I highly recommend yacon if you are struggling to lose weight yourself.

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Review of the Go-Go Elite Traveller Mobility Scooter

There’s a new kid in town in the mobility scooter world. The Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus offers affordable travel for millions of folks who have difficulty getting around. This scooter can help return your freedom. Its increased size, and 300-pound weight capacity (325 lbs in the HD version), combined with a wraparound delta tiller allows the larger individual and people with limited dexterity to take advantage of the benefits of travel mobility. Plus, its Feather-Touch one-hand disassembly makes the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus the most convenient travel scooter to take with you everywhere you go.

The Go-Go Elite scooter is available in three and four-wheel models and has the extra benefit of easy assembly. It comes with the following unique features:

  • Weight capacity starting at 275 pounds, and as much as 325 in the HD model
  • Front frame-mounted seat post makes it extra stable
  • Auto-latching lockup mechanism allows you to separate the frame with one hand
  • Auto-connecting front to rear cable
  • Three sets of easy-changing colored panels in three vivid colors—red, blue, and silver
  • Modular design for ease of service
  • The brand new frame design easily comes apart into five light-weight pieces for easy transport and storage

This is one of the more affordable and portable scooters that you can buy, and yet the Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller provides ease of maneuverability and stability, enabling you to easily negotiate the scooter through narrow hallways and tight spaces. In addition, the scooter’s classic design, user-friendly controls, and amazing performance outdoors make this a perfect travel scooter!

In 2002, Pride’s Go-Go was the first scooter to have a true four-wheeled travel scooter that easily folded up. They have since gone back to the basics and have re-designed it, setting standards that all future travel scooters will have to follow if they want to compete. It folds up easily without having to disconnect the wiring loom. It is fun to drive, has lots of legroom and a comfortable, padded seat, eight inch rear wheels.

Choose between the 17 amp hour battery or 12amp hour without increasing its size. The battery pack detaches so that you can recharge the battery while you are away from the scooter.

The New Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooter comes in three Standard colors: red, blue, and silver. All three panel colors are supplied when you purchase the scooter so that you can change your Scooter’s look daily simply by replacing the panels.

Pride Mobility Scooters is one of the worlds biggest manufacturers of mobility scooter; it’s a visionary company that has raised the bar for industry quality for years.

Where Should I Buy This Scooter From?

More Than Mobility, the UK’s biggest supplier of mobility equipment, offers the best deal on the Go-Go Elite scooter. They also provide excellent after-sales service, including free set-up and training when the scooter is delivered.

There are numerous things to consider when you buy a mobility scooter, so it’s important that you go to a reputable dealer that offers a wide array of products so you can be assured that their advice comes without bias towards a particular brand. More Than Mobility stocks over 3000 different mobility products, so the advice they give is tailored to your individual needs.

Trust one of the top suppliers to get you the best deal on one of the top mobility scooters.

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Graco Travel Systems

Graco is renowned throughout the world for their innovative and handsome designs, excellent construction, and value. Graco’s best innovation was creating the “travel system”, which combined the stroller, car seat, and car base all in one, which allowed parents to move their infant from the stroller to the car without taking her out of her seat. The Graco travel system also lets parents buy all required travel gear in one fell swoop, providing peace of mind that all the components would sync up and match their styles.

The Graco infant travel system comes in several car seat styles. The Snug Ride seat is for infants weighing from 5 to 22 pounds and up to 29 inches in length. Or you can pay a little more for the Snug Ride 32, which will fit babies up to 32 pounds and 32 inches, or the Infant Safe seat, which can carry babies weighing from 5 to 30 pounds. All Graco travel systems are built with the highest standards in safety, and are made with EPS shock-absorbing materials for the greatest impact protection.

Light Weight Graco Travel Systems

Lite Rider $159.99: A good travel system for the price; it gives you features you tend to find on higher priced strollers, such as its one hand fold, trays for child and parent, an easy to reach drop-down basket, and a reclining seat. Its only downside: the Lite Rider only comes in one color pattern.

Alano $179.99: This Graco travel system gives you the best design and style. Its one-hand folding mechanism breaks down the stroller into an upright position–no need to bend over! Its sturdy construction, plenty of convenient features, and stylish design make the Alano our top choice. Again, it has limited color options, but the neutral color scheme allows it to blend in with your other baby color schemes.

MetroLite $239.99: Weighing in at a mere 25.6 pounds, you’ll be amazed at the number of features packed into this lightweight Graco travel system, such as the parent storage tray complete with cup holders, a multi-position reclining seat, a tray for the child, locking swivel front wheels, and top-notch suspension. With all these great features, you’ll think that you are pushing one of the more expensive, full size strollers.

Full Size Graco Travel Systems

Quattro Tour and Quattro Tour Deluxe $249.99/$269.99: The flagship of the line of Graco travel systems, the Quattro Tour is fully equipped from top to bottom with tons of features and its signature well-made craftsmanship. Its aluminum frame, lockable, swiveling front wheels and easy single touch brakes make it a sturdy, maneuverable and secure stroller. The one hand gravity-fold breaks down the stroller in a single touch. Its got tons of storage room for a long outing, with both the handy parent tray and a roomy, storage basket under the seat. The Graco Quattro Tour system is available in two models: the the Quattro Tour has the Snug Ride infant seat, whileDeluxe is equipped with the Snug Ride 32. Both Quattro Tour models are undeniably the best systems on the market.

Glider $179.99: Lighter and less expensive than the Quattro Tour systems, the Glider is one of the better travel system in its price range. While it may not have all the features of its bigger siblings, it still comes packed with great features such as a canopy with parent and baby trays, a peek-a-boo window, and a large storage basket.

Vie4 $209.99: Stylish and filled with options like the upright folding mechanism, the Vie4 is a terrific value. The Vie4 would be our second choice if you choose not to opt for the Quattro Tours. Its only downfall is that it only comes in two colors.

Spree $169.97: Sold exclusively as a travel system, the Spree comes equipped with only the Snug Ride Car seat. It has several nice features for its price, even if it doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles of other travel systems. However, it is certainly a great value for the price. If your budget is limited, the Spree is a perfect option.

Stylus $189.99: This is a hard to find travel system which has a lot of the same style features as the Mosaic stroller. Its sleek design combined with an array of convenient features makes the Stylus a perfect alternative to the bigger strollers. With the Snug Ride car seat, the Stylus is a welcome addition to the Graco family.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; ever since Graco introduced their travel systems other stroller companies have been struggling to compete. Graco’s brilliant innovation is now a market standard; however, the original is still the best you can get.

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Review of the Ritz Carlton Phoenix – A Luxurious and Peaceful Retreat for the Business and Leisure Traveler

Phoenix, Arizona is growing as an important place for business events and as a travel destination. For those for whom money is not an object, the most important criteria is finding a comfortable place conveniently located. Ritz Carlton Phoenix sits right in the center of downtown Phoenix. Its wide array of amenities and luxurious facilities makes it a first rate vacation spot in Southwest Phoenix.

Enjoy a dazzling sunset at its golden finest on the patio. Dine at the fine bistro-style restaurant where they serve a variety of cuisines Almond-lined guest rooms come equipped with air-conditioning, duvets, and feather beds. Lovely paintings of centuries past frame the walls. Each guest has access to excellent room service, 24-hour internet service, and full bar, as well as concierge service and easy parking. Relax in the chaise lounge and luxurious sofas in the health club. Or perhaps you’d prefer to lounge on the heated rooftop pool with its panoramic view of the mountains; or maybe you just want to cuddle up and see the greenery from your balcony.

The Ritz Carlton Phoenix’s accessible central location makes it a convenient place to plan your shopping and sightseeing trips. Malls, golf courses, and an amphitheater are all nearby, not to mention rebates on facilities like spa services.

You get spacious rooms of presidential quality. Management and staff are well-trained and courteous and alert, even at midnight. If you book the right deal, you can get complimentary breakfasts and afternoon tea. The Ritz Carlton courtyard lays adjacent to the tennis courts. You can settle in and forget the din of your everyday life. The Ritz Carlton Phoenix lives up to the reputation of luxury this hotel chain is famous for. Don’t, however, expect a rural, idyllic peace, especially in the patios, as it is in the heart of downtown in a large metropolis.

Previous guests have provided helpful reviews, which laud the hotel’s quiet rooms, overall cleanliness, and attentive, courteous room service.

Phoenix attracts all sorts of people. Whether you come for pleasure or business, you can have a marvelous time. Phoenix has a strong local economy in industries such as leather goods, agriculture, air-conditioning, and other electronics. If you are looking for reasonably-priced goods, you’re in the right place. You can also find beautiful Native American artifacts.

If you’re vacationing in Arizona and just want to relax and spend time sight-seeing, Phoenix offers amazing attractions like Biltmore Fashion House or the Phoenix Capitol. Visit the Burton Barr Library, feel nostalgic or scare yourself at Wrigley Mansion and Mystery Castle respectively. You can also hone your skills at golf and baseball at a number of courses in the area.

Ritz Carlton Phoenix can be the central hub of your plans with its accessible central position. An easy car rental can get you a little further out of the city at discounted rates. All this luxury and convenience isn’t cheap. But online travel sites are always offering seasonal deals or flight and hotel discounts. But if you travel to Phoenix, whether for leisure or business, it is well worth splurging on the luxurious and peaceful Ritz Carlton Phoenix.


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