Madhavaram Constructions : Please don’t invest

By | June 22, 2014
Madhavaram Constructions : Please don’t invest
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I have spent my life time saving in Madhavaram Constructions project and now feel cheated; I am gathering few people( Assocation people seems to be useless and they fear the builder a lot)
1.Construction quality and finishing very poor.
2.Water leaking from all sided during rain .( you cannot do any carpentry work as all will be destroyed)
3.Lifts are never working properly.
4.There are lot of issue with parking and people are fighting amongst themselves.
5.Non of the facility are working properly.( Gym / Billiards / games are for show only).
6.The building does not have drain connected to Government drain as they have not deposited money for the same.
7.Heard that final certificate had not come this will make the house not non sale-able as banks will not give loan during resale.

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