Made losses on their advice

By | September 20, 2017
Made losses on their advice
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  • : Equicom financial services
  • : India
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  • : I got a call from Equicom people to go for a free trial. On the free trial I made some profit of about Rs. 20,000. Then they asked me to subscribe their service for a month. Once I subscribed their service , one guy called Rahul asked me to invest in Options instead of futures . So on his advice i invested in options. I made profits in 3 sessions , a total of about 6 lakhs, I paid a fee of 3.5 lakh Then I lost 4.5 lakhs in just1 session. . ( his total fee was Rs. 12.5 lakhs, to be paid in instalments, for a total profit of 44 lakhs!. This profit was never achieved.) Then lost another 4 lakhs in another option. so i lost a total 8 lakhs. And if u add the fee , the my total loss was 11.5 lakhs. Then i was left with nothing. So never trust these advisors. My advise for stock market investors who are new in shares trading is : Pl.invest only one third of your total amount at time. and keep the rest for averaging. ( for example: If u have total 3 lakhs: invest only 1 lakh first. If u achieve the target, book your profit. If you start losing, then average by another 1 lakh. And wait . If u are still losing. Then average by another 1 lakh .). So atleast u will get your money back.

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