Iyogi unresolved virus removal issue

By | August 25, 2014
Iyogi unresolved virus removal issue
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I am writing this for several reasons. First and foremost because I am disappointed. Disappointed because my computer was never up and running as promised. Disappointed because The “promised phone call” for an expert was recieved, not once, not twice, but three times!!. Disappointed because I feel like I was ripped off 60 bucks. I will never recommend Iyogi to anyone. I went 5 days without internet access when I was convinced to buy your stupid service and yet was not delivered a promise in getting my computer up and running in one day. You were a complete waste of my time, my wife’s time, and I will personally destroy your reputation. I am not looking for my money back as that will be a long a shot. I will do much more than that and make it a personal quest to ensure that nobody else wastes their time or effort on either of these companies.

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