Illegal construction on DDA Janta Flat

By | March 19, 2014
Illegal construction on DDA Janta Flat
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Respected Sir, I would like to register the complaint with you regarding illegal construction at Flat No. 116, Block-2, 272 DDA Janta Flat, Dwarka. The flat owner has made the permanent structure on the common area provided in between the flats. The structure is creating obstruction for the passage through the same area. Also constructed an illegal room on cantilever on 2nd floor which is dangerous for lower floor and whole building also. Already water soaking to my (lower) room. This is very essential to stop such illegal construction, which is going on with no restriction from any authority in this area. All these were constructed with the help of JE of DDA. Please visit the same and arrange to remove the illegal constructions.

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