Hawre builders – parking allotment and abusive behaviour

By | November 25, 2014
Hawre builders – parking allotment and abusive behaviour
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Hi, Me and my husband shifted to a rental property in August this year and the deal was done between us and the building contractor. The building was totaly empty when we shifted and all the tenants and other people came lot later. we faced lots of money issues created by the Hawre contractor. we faced electricity problem for so many days. water problem for so many days. but still adjusted as we spent lot of money to move in. But parking our vehicle is the most irritating problem we are facing now. when we moved in the contractor clearly said that we can park the car inside till any society is formed and parking lot allotted. But few people started giving us trouble since the begining about our parking. still we fought and spoke to the contractor and parked 2-3 months inside the premises. Now they have allotted parking spaces to other tenants and saying we cant park our car as we have taken 1 bhk. the parking premises are not sold yet to any one and it is empty all the time as many people do not have cars also. even no society has not formed yet. still we are said not to park our vehicle inside. this is really ridiculous that they decided not to give us a space even after having lots of empty spaces. And other tenants have got place alloted to keep their car who do not even have any car and we cant keep our car inside.

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