Gardenia “Grace” Sec.61, Noida – Inaccessible covered parking space allotment

By | March 18, 2014
Gardenia “Grace” Sec.61, Noida – Inaccessible covered parking space allotment
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As a reprisal/ retaliatory action against lodging a complaint in Consumer Forum, New Delhi on various commissions and commissions of the Realtor – Gardenia “Grace” Sector-61, Noida, the Builder has allotted ‘ inaccessible’ covered parking on the pretext that I had requested for a parking slot close to the lift at the upper basement in view of my advanced age. Even ace drivers felt that it is very difficult to park the car and take it out without any damage to the car due to the presence of mammoth supporting concrete pillars. Countless requests have been made to allot another convenient parking slot in lieu of the present locale. The builder lacks compassion and sensitivity & humane outlook to elders. For few lucky ones, he has changed the slots as per their choices. The entire process of allocation smacks of vindictiveness. It was found to be faulty as i) no draw was held ii) parking space numbers have not been shown in the sale deed at the time of registration with the Noida Development Authority iii) parking slots have been allotted as per the whims and fancies of the builder in an arbitrary and unilateral way and in an autocratic and dictatorial manner showing favouritism, nepotism and regionalism.
Mrs ABV Vijayalakshmi, Sr. Citizen

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