Fraudulent activities Kumar Properties Megapolis

By | October 6, 2015
Fraudulent activities Kumar Properties Megapolis
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Fraudulent activities done by Kumar Properties for the project Megapolis.

(A joint venture between Kumar Properties and Avinash Bhosale Industries Ltd (ABIL))

I was very excited to buy a flat with a very reputed builder (I initially thought reputed!) Kumar Properties, (Pegasus properties) I was desperately waiting for my possession and was just about to pay my last installment when I received an email from the builder Kumar Properties, (Pegasus properties) Megapolis that I need to pay the maintenance charges for 2 years in advance. Now this was not a part of the agreement in the agreement it was clearly mentioned that I have to pay the maintenance charges on or before 5th of every month yet the Builder wants to pay the entire maintenance for 2 years in advance.

As a common man I was already struggling to pay the rent and the EMI, I requested Kumar Properties. (Pegasus properties). Megapolis to reconsider their unreasonable demands, I also offered to pay 3 months of maintenance in advance (every 3 months) to which they replied that the management has refused my proposal I was just thinking although it was not mentioned in the agreement how is the management refusing my proposal.

Further Ms. Neha Kharva from Kumar Properties threatened me that they will hold back my possession also I was told to call Mr Y K Jain to which I tried calling him several times, however the phone was never received by him, the assistant always kept on saying that he is busy but will definitely call back. I waited throughout the day but I never received his call.

I want to know whether it is legal that the Builder is holding my possession because I can’t pay the two years of maintenance in advance.

I think this is a complete fraudulent activity done by (Pegasus properties) Kumar Properties Megapolis.

Megapolis, (Pegasus properties) (Kumar Properties) is cheating the common people

Beware before you think of buying any properties as they do not honor their agreement.


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