eFollett / Gateway Community College bookstore overcharged on taxes

By | July 25, 2015
eFollett / Gateway Community College bookstore overcharged on taxes
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Phoenix, Arizona
United States
On July 24th, 2015 I purchased the Diagnostic Medical Imaging book packet at Gateway Community College in Phoenix, AZ. I made my purchase online through the Gateway Community College bookstore which utilizes eFollett.com. My receipt showed that the total was $610.06. Then an apparent “glitch” in the computer program added additional tax in the amount of $37.21. I called the bookstore at Gateway Community College on July 27th and they gave me a refund. When I got my bank statement I discovered that they had only refunded me $11.81. I went into the bookstore on August 24th, 2015 and finally received my full refund. The bookstore manager explained to me that some software updates were being performed and students were affected by the extra tax charges for two days but the store manager stated “not many students were affected”. This is very disturbing. So although my situation was handled I am sure there were many students who did not notice the “glitch” and were overcharged. It appears the Gateway Community College bookstore and eFollett are not making attempts to contact the students that were affected to rectify the situation. Upon further investigation the Arizona Department of Revenue states that “textbooks, sold by a bookstore, that are required by any state university or community college are exempt from sales tax”. I would like eFollett and Gateway Community College to rectify this situation in its entirety and contact and refund all the students who were affected by this glitch. Furthermore, I will be conducting additional research to determine if the sales tax is warranted at all.

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