Diya Foundation – illegal measures in NGO

By | March 5, 2015
Diya Foundation – illegal measures in NGO
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I would like to mention this to all who either giving or planning to donate any thing to diya foundation having office in vikas puri. This NGO started under Mr. Manchanda, Gangaram Hospital(Dir.) It is managed by Vineet Nayar and his wife along with Mr. Gini they are using the funds for there own pesonal purposes. Mr. Vineet who was in financial crises 5 years back has got 3 appartments and 5 cars through this NGO only they are making money and his wife also helping to take it forward. They have shown a printing business which is just a eye wash.Vineet is a person who just thinks about money and women he says i just wat girls in my office.
You can check with the staff that no one works there for more than 6 months as they don’t want any one to know there modus operandi. They have made stupid out of PVR, SAIL toname few.
I requuest the donor to donate where they need not where the people like vineet nayyar want

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