Dermawand Not authorized charges

By | February 24, 2015
Dermawand Not authorized charges
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I bought Dermawand and while I was on the phone with the rep, I specifically told her I do not want any “expert beauty advises” or creams or anthing else. Next thing I know I see two $59.99 each monthly chages for consultant advise I have never authorised to be taken out of my accout, or agreed to purchase. I chargedback one, and tried to chargeback the other, but was unsuccesful. They lied to my cc company saying they had a transcript of the recording saying I agreed to the charges. Big lies!! That was not the case. I asked them to provide he actual recording, and of course they never did that, which is how I was able to charge it back. The other chrageback was unsuccessful due to time limitation. I can imagine what theor chargeback rate looks like and cannot wait these guys to be terminated from processing credit cards due to excessive chargebacks. Oh, by the way, the Dermawand does not work at all. It is a waste of money!! Spare yourself from the trouble of getting this junk and going through a nightmare.

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