Corrupt Mobile/Phone Retailer and Repair Service

By | July 30, 2015
Corrupt Mobile/Phone Retailer and Repair Service
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This business is located in the country of Trinidad and Tobago and is a business that is a mobile/phone retailer and mobile/phone repair service.

I paid to have my screen replaced and now the main button is f***ed. I attempted to have this rectified but only returned with lies and excuses.

Also I can’t believe this company. They spoiled my main button on my iPad on repairing my screen and when I took it back to have it rectified they denied it but took it to the back to check it four times and in the process rip off my screen protector without replacing it.

These people are a bunch of CROOKS. Never in life have I known of such dodgy business! Beware people! These people are serious shady characters. One day your deeds of will catch up with you.

Note (Important): I wish to add that in addition that regardless as to who posts about the resolving of this issue it must be noted that this issue remains permanently unresolved. Only I the author of this complaint has the right to notify all if this issue becomes resolved and since this will never, ever happen no one outside of the author of this complaint is to be believed regarding the resolution of this complaint. This company therefore remains permanently exposed for its corrupt underhanded ways

One thought on “Corrupt Mobile/Phone Retailer and Repair Service

  1. Jazzy Jane Post author

    Attention: In addition, let it also be known that Dr. Berry Ltd may try their best to either make light of this or perhaps make up some excuse for this truthful and legitimate complaint. They are only showing how they are only liars and crooks to the core if they do this. Again let me repeat: They are permanently exposed and this complaint will forever remain permanently unresolved-so says the author of this report.

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