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Kris Wolfe Deceptive Unrelatable Discriminator

Kris Wolfe who is the creator of Good Guy Swag which is “supposed to help guys” has serious and severe issues that affect him as a person that shows that he is one person who should never be believed as a person as a whole. These issues are: 1. Being Unrelatable: He believes that he… Read More »

Zoe Britton : The Despicable Racist Adult Actress

Zoe Britton who is an adult actress and a female adult performer is to be seen as a totally despicable racist adult actress because she is a racist bigot against males who are especially African-American males in particular. She originally comes from Riverside, California. Her other name is Michelle Ara Murphy and she deserves full… Read More »

Care for Life Charitable Trust – Fraud Ngo

Care for life charitable trust person calls to my number for a help for operation.They are just chasing down like anything for money. They must have given me at least 15 sms and called 10 to 12 times. On verification from the web site I came to know it is a fraud NGO and pestering… Read More »

Freecharge money taking nit giving service

n 3-3-2015, I recharged my mobile with 200 from and it showed an error and ask to try again .. Second time it recharged successfully but money was deducted for both times and I got only 200 rs. Recharge. Kindly credit it to my bank account or as my free charge credits. Thank you mobile… Read More »