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Monica Olsen A Racist Model

Monica Olsen who happens to be a model who originated from Montreal, Canada and who also goes by the name of Monica Andreny is a racist model which means that she is a bigot, and a skin color discriminator. Her racism and her prejudice have been targeted or focused upon African-American males in particular. This… Read More »

Scamming Crook Sveta Markovskaja-Brizzi

Sveta Markovskaja-Brizzi is a scamming crook. She happens to be a model and a belly dancer, but she also is a deceitful con artist as well. I gave Sveta Markovskaja-Brizzi some money because she said she needed my help. The amount she told me was supposed to help her out of a very tight situation.… Read More »

laser hair removal at kakurgachi vibes, kolkata

I have sufferered of kakurgachi vibes. I went there for laser hair removal on face, but after 11 sesons it don’t work at all. More over hair started growing at mysixe locks and chin area. I don’t hv hair on those area before. A woman named fahrah did my laser hair removal and she is just… Read More »