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A Racist Woman Indeed

Christina Cleland from Ohio is a racist and a bigot and a skin color discriminator who happens to be against Black or African-American males for serious relationship purposes because she believes that their skin color is inferior to her skin color. Christina Cleland has done this in spite of the fact that in only wishing… Read More »

Barbra Reifel A Truly Racist Woman Indeed

Barbra Reifel is a racist bigot and a racist individual and a racist person. Her racism and prejudice is targeted against those who are non-white mainly and namely those who are African-American males. Her racism and her prejudice happens to be against such individuals because she sees them as inferior and less than people and… Read More »

Adrian Solomon Racist Woman

Adrian Solomon is a racist bigot who met a male individual who would soon become a convicted individual later on and made the decision to be with this male individual because of the fact that this person was of the same racial composition or skin color composition that she was a part of. She did… Read More »