Blue Valley properties : Cheater and Decoits Company

By | March 25, 2013
Blue Valley properties : Cheater and Decoits Company
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Such horrible exp I never had in my life.I had booked a site in Tranq. arc years back in pre-launch . full agreement done and full money paid, once it got BIAPPA approved, when I approached Blue Valley properties they kept delaying for 1 year. Fad up when I approached their MD one Raju.( if you see him you can say this man is a Goonda and a criminal) he threatened me . . and forced me to take back my principle amount. I lost all my oppert. and interest of 3 years. but thanks my star got back my Principle amount.

I know many people who had put criminal case against him and fight is going on. Don’t take in their project as you many end up buying a site which is already in dispute with some other pre-launch buyers as agreements are always in force and any one can put a claim over it even if you site is registered.

Meet their MD or just make a deal you will understand

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