Jaclyn Glenn Blacklisted Racist Woman

By | October 6, 2015
Jaclyn Glenn Blacklisted Racist Woman
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Jaclyn Glenn can be considered many things but one thing that should be considered about her is the fact that she is a racist and a bigot and a skin color prejudiced person who is against being in a relationship with males who are not white namely those who are African-American males in particular.

This reason for her wicked ways of racial hatred has to do with the fact that she considers non-white males namely African-American males in particular to be beneath her because she personally and shamefully believes that their skin color is beneath or inferior to the skin color that she has and that she possesses.

What a truly wicked, mentally sick and twisted, and evil woman indeed. Evil is with Jaclyn Glenn and it is in the form of racism, prejudice, racist hate, racist bigotry, and racist discrimination as a whole.

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