Blacklisted Racist Woman

By | October 27, 2015
Blacklisted Racist Woman
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Remee Jo Lee who happens to be from Florida and who is also known as Remee Lee is a racist bigot, prejudiced individual, and a discriminatory woman whose racism and prejudice happens to be against those who are not white or not Caucasian mainly those who are African-American males in particular. This can indeed be seen in her choosing males for serious relationship purposes based upon color of skin that is similar to her skin type and rejecting males who are different from her skin color and skin type such as those who are African-American males who are previously mentioned in this complaint.

The most interesting thing regarding Remee Jo Lee who is also known as Remee Lee is that her acceptance of those males who are of the same skin type that she has indeed has come with its own serious trouble. This serious trouble could indeed have been avoided had Remee Jo Lee been much more open minded towards being in a serious relationship with those males whose skin type were different from her skin color such as African-American males in particular and who would have possibly treated her much better.

Racist like Remee Jo Lee are indeed blinded by their racist stupidity and racist ways when it comes to seeing the goodness in other races which could potentially be a serious and tremendous benefit to them when it comes to a serious relationship. It is with this in mind that Remee Jo Lee must be seriously blacklisted for her racism so that she is seriously exposed for the wicked racist bigot that she indeed is.

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