Blacklisted Racist Woman

By | October 13, 2015
Blacklisted Racist Woman
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Linda Lusk of Prosser Washington is to be considered officially as a blacklisted racist individual and a blacklisted racist woman whose racism and whose prejudice happens to be against males who are African-American especially when it comes to serious relationship purposes with these males because she views these males as being inferior and below her Caucasian or white race.

This is all done out of racial hate and racial spitefulness against these African-American males. However the interesting thing to note is that in her choosing of Caucasian males only to be in a relationship with she has gotten into serious trouble and serious problems with them which could have possibly been avoided had she been more open minded towards other races namely those males who happen to be African-American in particular.

Linda Lusk as well as her racial hatred and her racial prejudice must be completely condemned and Linda Lusk must be completely blacklisted for the evil practices of racism and racial bigotry that she has indeed practiced and done.

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