Blacklisted Racist Adult Actress

By | October 8, 2015
Blacklisted Racist Adult Actress
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Alexis Fawx who is an adult actress, a female adult entertainer, and a female adult performer is to be seen as a Blacklisted racist and prejudiced bigot who is full of hatred against males who are not white. These males are mainly those who happen to be African-American in complexion and in racial composition.

Alexis Fawx (who also goes by the name of Alexis Faux) and her racist hatred comes out of the fact that she sees these males who are African-American as inferior to her because their skin color happens to be darker than hers.

Therefore, Alexis Fawx must be and should be permanently blacklisted for practicing the Evils of racism and the Evils of prejudice against others because their skin color is simply different than hers. This practice makes her a completely evil person and exposes her for being the evil racist bigot that she indeed is.

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