A Racist Woman Indeed

By | October 10, 2015
A Racist Woman Indeed
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Christina Cleland from Ohio is a racist and a bigot and a skin color discriminator who happens to be against Black or African-American males for serious relationship purposes because she believes that their skin color is inferior to her skin color. Christina Cleland has done this in spite of the fact that in only wishing to be with Caucasian males from her own race out of racial hatred for males from another race has caused her only serious trouble with these Caucasian males which could have indeed been prevented and avoided had she been more open minded about being with males from another race such as being with males who were African American.

The actions of Christina Cleland however are based upon racism and bigotry and hatred to the highest order and to the highest degree and level. It is sick and mentally twisted. Racists always are and Christina Cleland happens to be one of them.

Therefore, Christina Cleland must be exposed for her wickedness, deceitfulness, and evil in being the racist bigot that she truly indeed is. We are all humans regardless of skin color. However, hatred from racists like Christina Cleland must be exposed so that all will see how mentally sick these racist bigots like Christina Cleland truly indeed are.

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